Land prices on Street 43 to rise after road construction is closer to develop


by Sotheary

Kompot: The National Road 43 development project, which connects National Road 3 at Kampot to National Road 4 of Kampong Speu Province, is gradually preparing for the development process, and land price along this road is expected to rise to another level.

Mr. Keo Socheat, Branch Manager of KW Cambodia Real Estate Company in Kampot Province, said the projects along National Road 43 has been increasing the odds of land along this road. In fact, land in that area used to be only 5 to 10 USD, but now it has risen to 15 USD, and some areas are even higher depending on the potential location.

He noticed some local companies have started development gradually, such as the land development project of Bokor Lane II, and some investors who bought land to be ready for development in the future.

“The developers who came to the area developed as a vacation home, a plantation, but have not seen any big development yet,” he said.

Mr. Sok Ken, Director of Kampot Street Real Estate, also said that with the immediate development of National Road 43, land prices along this road project have risen to a certain level, and once this road is built, it will rise again, and the development potential in the area has changed slightly.

He said that at present, the development is only on recreation areas and plantations, but in the future, when the road is completed, it will be developed as an industrial area, factory, enterprise, because the road is the main road to transport goods to Sihanoukville port or Kampot deep water port that has been under construction. Therefore, investors may build warehouses and transport to both ports.


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